ALUESSE’s patented profile is designed to bring new solutions to the world of industrial construction with modular aluminium systems.
With more than 30 years of experience, we have re-evaluated several aspects of the way structures are built, trying to overcome certain limitations encountered during our work in industry.
A careful analysis of the different industrial contexts brought to light the need to study a concept with simplified solutions compared to the traditional model and to introduce new, unique and innovative techniques for the construction of structures.

ALUESSE, surface analyses

We made every single space efficient to give better performance to your ideas
– “S” High wall thickness;
– “L” Groove nut + 75% compared to other systems;
– “A” Groove area increased by more than 50% compared to conventional profiles;
– “Ø” Electric and pneumatic hoses can be positioned inside the groove;
– “H” Closed profile suitable for long threaded inserts.

The ALUESSE model has a different shape from the classic square-section profile, which allows us to use inclined planes to achieve a better performing coupling. The elements are constrained in a single step in different directions of application.
All connecting elements are positioned within the grooves, respecting the outer surface of the profile, which remains free of obstacles.
Screws can be tightened according to the respective standards to ensure the correct torque.