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ALUESSE’s Next Generation team deals with innovation and feasibility studies for the application of our products in multiple industrial contexts.
Our research is in continuous development; we continually interface with our customers to analyse their objectives and accompany them to the finish line.
Our products are versatile in many fields of application; modular to allow the best organisation of the production cycle; innovative with the new assembly techniques we have developed, tested and introduced in our articles.

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ULTRA series
Modularity beyond limits

The linking concept for elements allows constraint points to be created without further design changes.
The positioning register can be freely inserted in the most favourable position for the project, ensuring that the shape of the structure remains unchanged over time, even when subjected to high stresses.
Simplification, efficiency and consequent time savings in all work phases.
– Warehouse: 6 metre long profiles fully machined and stocked, ready to be cut to size;
– Planning: simplified determined by the register, clear ideas for defining the profile length and relative position of structural joints or commercial products, without further special machining to drawing;
– Time-saving: the profile insertion point defined by a preset register rules out the need for secondary spacers or approximate manual measurements;
– Guaranteed safety: the profile remains in the position defined in the design from the assembly stage through to installation and testing at the end customer’s premises.

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Industry 4.0
Here are some highlights of application

– Improving the performance of structures;
– Facilitating the connection of machine cables;
– Improved experience of the combination of structure and advanced technology;
– Significant reduction in assembly time;
– Possibility of conversion to other applications;
– Making productivity more efficient;
– Utilising the new design by technology.

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